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TRAM Track

TRAM Track

An eight-week pre-accelerator program to develop customer insight.

Over eight weeks, teams will come together to answer the questions: “who cares?”, “what do your customers want?” and “how can you exceed their expectations?”

You’ll understand the relationship between the solution you’re developing and the problem your customers have by iteratively interviewing potential customers and end-users, creating a feedback loop that allows you to fine-tune ideas, validate concepts and understand how to create the ideal problem-solution fit.




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TRAM Track

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TRAM Runway

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Application information

Applications for TRAM Track are currently closed.

We encourage all teams to apply to TRAM Track after completing a TRAMx bootcamp, ready and raring to go. Advanced teams with developed concepts may apply to TRAM Track directly.

We care deeply about creating the most comprehensive experience for all teams and individuals, so we're happy to chat to you about which program is the best fit for you depending on where your research project is at.

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Key Dates

2023 Track program
"TRAM Track helped us to quantify the problem-solution fit, encouraging us to refine our value proposition so that it is more clear, focused and easily communicated. Through customer interviews we were able to validate our hypotheses around end-user pains and gains, and exposed some new elements of the value proposition that weren't previously obvious to us."

Christopher Bolton


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What is TRAM Track?
TRAM Track is undertaken by dynamic research teams over eight weeks to build their entrepreneurial capabilities. You'll speak to customers for market validation, generate a business model, and get your head into a business mind frame.
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What’s the difference between the TRAM programs?
The TRAM programs are designed to be matched to how advanced teams are along their research impact and/or commercialisation journey. TRAMx is open to early stage or new research teams, TRAM Track and Runway are for teams that already have some traction, while TRAM Air assists more advanced teams who are working toward commercial outcomes. Head to our Programs page to find out more.

Apply now!

We're welcoming applications until Sunday 20 August.

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