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Ongoing support for high-flying teams.

TRAM Air is where you really take off. Go from being a research team with a validated idea to being an incorporated business that is investible, has customers, and is gaining traction.

Cohabiting with the TRAM team, TRAM Air is a year-long program that helps teams working on advanced research commercialisation projects to navigate their journey. It provides ongoing support to help teams working on market-focused research projects achieve key commercial outcomes, including incorporation, product sales, and investment attraction.

You’ll have regular check-ins with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence and advisory team, as well as regular workshops, seminars, and social learning events to help you build some serious business momentum.

TRAM Air also connects teams to the support of TRAM’s network of mentors and partners, ensuring you’ll have the resources at your fingertips to get flying with your new business.




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TRAM Track

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TRAM Runway

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Application information.

TRAM Air is designed for advanced teams who are working towards imminent commercial outcomes. It's designed to give ongoing support to our alumni teams, or teams that have participated in aligned programs.

We care deeply about creating the most comprehensive experience for all teams and individuals, so we're happy to chat to you about which program is the best fit for you depending on where your research project is at.

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Key Dates

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May 2023


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What is TRAM Air?
TRAM Air is for alumni teams who are working towards specific commercial outcomes. Teams receive tailored support as they move towards important milestones.
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What’s the difference between the TRAM programs?
The TRAM programs are designed to be matched to how advanced teams are along their research impact and/or commercialisation journey. TRAMx is open to early stage or new research teams, TRAM Track and Runway are for teams that already have some traction, while TRAM Air assists more advanced teams who are working toward commercial outcomes. Head to our Programs page to find out more.

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