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Welcome to our TRAM Track B cohort

Sarah Robertson · September 07th, 2020

For the first time, we’re celebrating having not just one, but two TRAM Track cohorts make their debut in the same year… and what a fantastic cohort we’re able to announce for second semester!

It’s an exciting milestone for TRAM, but even more exciting for the nine teams that have made the leap and started their entrepreneurial journey. They’ll be diving headfirst into understanding their customers, validating concepts and refining their problem-solution fit.

The 8-week TRAM Track program will culminate in a second TRAM Track Presentation Day on Tuesday 29 October, and we can’t wait to see how the teams have progressed.

The 2020 TRAM Track B Cohort:

  • BIOMORS uses remote sensing to provide swift, low-cost solutions for monitoring changes in expansive land areas (Melbourne School of Engineering).
  • Flex-E’s state-of-the-art software package offers the missing link for operational and planning optimisation in the energy sector (Melbourne School of Engineering).
  • Geroscience and Osteosarcopenia uses an immersive virtual reality system to avert falls before they occur with the elderly (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences).
  • Left/Write//Hook combines writing, boxing and community connection to help express stories and rebuild strength for survivors of childhood sexual assault and trauma (Fine Arts and Music).
  • Precise Epidemy combines precision medicine and public health data to help diagnose rare diseases (Melbourne School of Engineering).
  • Quantum Reaction Monitoring is pioneering a leap in diamond-based quantum sensing, unlocking rapid, cost-effective and high-resolution analysis of chemical reactions (Science).
  • RPM2 Pump is creating a dynamic method of culturing biological samples, mimicking the state of cells and tissues in the body (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences).
  • SIPS offers an open water preservation solution to improve water availability in agriculture (Melbourne School of Engineering).
  • Thumos has devised a smart home device that helps to detect psychiatric relapse before it happens (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences).

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