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Unveiling our 2020 TRAM Runway Cohort

Ellie Woodrow · August 25th, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our TRAM Runway 2020 cohort, consisting of four brilliant teams that have just completed TRAM Track.

Tipping our hat to the hand-in-hand connection between entrepreneurship and agile working, TRAM made a speedy pivot to online delivery earlier this year, so the Runway cohort will work virtually throughout the 12-week accelerator program.

Introducing the 2020 TRAM Runway cohort:

  • Next Level Social Skills approach social learning through the imaginative lens of gaming. They have developed a strength-based videogame program for children and adolescents with autism, ADHD, and histories of trauma, who find current social skills education uninteresting and ineffective.
  • Improving Nutrition in Aged Care offers a solution to the high prevalence of malnutrition in aged care through an online training program. The program is designed to assist food service staff in developing healthy and nutritious menus, improving residents’ health and wellbeing, while reducing their care needs.
  • Oscen Research is harnessing the potential of highly-generalisable algorithms to improve supply chain management via reinforcement learning. The power of this technology to sift through and consider a vast array of potential outcomes at speed may save Australia billions.
  • VR Prosthesis demonstrates the incredible versatility of virtual reality by addressing currently repetitive, idiosyncratic medical assessments. They instead offer insurers objective, quantitative measures of prosthesis use and capabilities, in addition to personalised training that promotes long-term patient engagement.

TRAM Runway is designed to build on the skills set in motion by TRAMx and TRAM Track, and supports in validating their business models, developing their go-to-market strategy and progressing their commercial planning.

The teams will receive hands-on coaching and mentorship surrounding key concepts and frameworks for accelerating their research, while continuing to directly engage with real customers, and participate in three key events that progress their thinking.

The first is the Reverse Investor Pitch, where six investors from a range of backgrounds will dispense wisdom on what they’re keeping eyes and ears open for in business. This is followed by the Dolphin Pool, where teams will pitch to four investors for the express purpose of getting feedback and learning how to nail their investment pitch.

The program culminates with the TRAM Runway Showcase, an evening to celebrate the entrepreneurial acumen the teams have gained and the progress they’ve made. This year’s online affair promises to beam passion and excitement into each attendee’s living room, while providing the opportunity for a virtual cheers and pat on the back.

The 2020 Runway cohort is living proof that there’s no shortage of innovative people working at the intersection of research and innovation. This next step in their journey sees them well on their way to charting new courses in each of their industries, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

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