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Ten teams to watch in TRAM Track 2021

Sarah Robertson · May 21st, 2021

Treatments for steroid-resistant asthma, hand hygiene education for children and 3D printed veterinary teaching simulators are part of the impressive cohort of ten teams selected for TRAM Track in 2021.

In its sixth year, TRAM Track is an eight-week program that helps researchers delve into and understand their customers, explore the problems their customers have and figure out how they can match these to the solutions they’re working on.

This year, we’ve welcomed teams from four faculties and two biomedical institutes, including our first team from the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. Each team will work to understand their own pathway to having maximum impact with their research using proven entrepreneurial frameworks.

TRAM’s Program Manager, Andrew Rowse, said he was thrilled by the calibre of teams that applied this year and their enthusiasm for impact. “We’ve got quite possibly our strongest and most exciting range of teams ever. With the new teams, a new space and a new TRAM crew, we can’t wait to see what will be accomplished over the coming weeks and months.”

We’ll be celebrating the journeys of these ten teams at the TRAM Track Presentation Day on Thursday 24 June in the Studio in the brand new Melbourne Connect precinct.

2021 TRAM Track Cohort:

  • 3D Printed Simulators for Biomedical Training: 3D printed veterinary simulators for learning and practicing clinical procedures (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences)
  • Discrete Beat: An interactive dashboard tool that uses process mining techniques to dynamically visualise business processes (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).
  • Endocrine, Respiratory and Neuropharmacology Group: A novel treatment for symptoms of severe steroid-resistant asthma, with potential as a possible COVID-19 recovery drug (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Fradictor: A digital spinal model capable of predicting the activities that lead to falls and fractures to prevent bone and muscle deterioration at an early stage (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).
  • Serious Gamers: Educational games that teach children about hand hygiene to reduce disease transmission (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences).
  • Sustainable Food Production: An urban hydroponic vertical farming solution for growing microgreens (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences).
  • SVM: An evidence-based model for assessing the social value of public infrastructure projects (Architecture, Building & Planning).
  • Unforgettable Research Services: A big data platform that allows medical and behavioural researchers to access, search and visualise data to help predict human behaviour (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences).
  • WBM: AI-based software that measures the success of nutritional and physiotherapy intervention programs in improving surgical outcomes for colorectal cancer patients (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Centre for Eye Research Australia)
  • Youngsters for Change: An online platform that tackles eco-anxiety by enabling young people to connect over and fundraise for sustainability projects (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).

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