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Meet the seven teams hitting the TRAM Runway in 2021

Sarah Robertson · August 25th, 2021

Another year, another lockdown, but gosh we’re excited for another Runway cohort!

A digital spinal model that helps to predict movements that cause ACL injuries, a platform helping medical and behavioural researchers to use big data, and a model that assesses the social value of public infrastructure are part of the seven team-strong cohort selected into TRAM Runway 2021.

TRAM Runway is a twelve-week program that builds on the customer discovery work done in TRAM Track. Each team will work on fine-tuning their problem-solution fit and continuing to engage with their customers through minimum viable product testing. The teams will focus on building and validating their business models, receiving intensive support and coaching from the TRAM network, working towards their go-to-market strategies.

TRAM’s Program Manager, Andrew Rowse, said he was excited by the mix of teams and their varied impact journeys. “This year we’re really focused on making TRAM the home of research innovation and impact for all faculties across the University and broader Parkville precinct. So, it is exciting to see not only the amazing teams and projects, but that 3 of our 7 teams are representing multiple faculties.

“We’re proving that when you bring great people together, provide a supportive and nurturing environment, and supercharge it with the resources of the University that we can empower our researchers to tackle society’s biggest problems.”

This is the first Runway cohort joining the TRAM team at Melbourne Connect, although due to COVID-19 restrictions, the program is still being delivered virtually.

This year, we’ll hear from each of these teams in a celebration of research impact at TRAMaganza on Tuesday 26 October, welcoming champions of impact from across the University of Melbourne. We’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll be hosting this event at the Forum in the brand new Melbourne Connect precinct, but we’re prepared for and well-versed in hosting online events should we need to.

2021 TRAM Runway Cohort:

  • Biosig has developed a comprehensive computational platform with a suite of machine learning tools to aid drug development for Big Pharma companies by reducing the risk of product failure and time to market (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).
  • Ecowarriors Hub is a multisided platform connecting young people with established organisations to tackle pressing environmental issues (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).
  • Grow Hydro Solutions provides a tailored consulting service to hydroponic farmers – a highly fragmented industry that lacks robust production standards (Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences).
  • Social Value Model has developed an evidence-based model for assessing the social value of public infrastructure projects (Architecture, Building and Planning).
  • Towards Zero ACL is a digital spinal model capable of predicting the activities that lead to falls and fractures to prevent bone and muscle deterioration at an early stage (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).
  • Unforgettable Research Services has developed a new data business model that allows medical and behavioural researchers to access, search and visualise big personal data to increase the depth and impact of their research (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences).
  • Whole Body Analytics has created AI-based software that measures the success of nutritional and physiotherapy intervention programs in improving surgical outcomes for colorectal cancer patients (Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Centre for Eye Research Australia, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology).

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