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Runway 2017


We need to constantly reapply sunscreen to

enable the best protection against sunburn,

premature aging and skin cancer. Skin cancer

is Australia’s number one diagnosed cancer,

and there are alarming rates of skin cancer

worldwide. After interviewing over 200 skin

professionals, manufacturers and general users,

M2AXlab deeply understands the burdens of

reapplication, adverse reactions and the dislikes

for the texture of current sunscreens.

M2axLab is developing a one-application

sunscreen that eliminates the inconvenience of

reapplying and avoids the dangers of severe skin

irritations without the need for a heavy textured

formula. M2axLab uses encapsulation technology

from the University of Melbourne that has been

developed from over 30 years of research.

Sunscreen will never be the same again.


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