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TRAM still on track for a great 2020

Simon Wilkins · April 27th, 2020

In the same way you probably don’t need a GPS to plan your current commute, there’s not much need to mention what a challenging year 2020 has been (oh wait, I just did!).

Despite all this negative disruption, researchers are a resilient bunch and you will be pleased to know that plenty of the good kind of disruption is still going on. It’s truly inspiring to see the incredible teams applying for our TRAM Track program this round (applications have just closed) and their passion to create impact through their research. An announcement on selected teams will be in our next newsletter (and here on the blog), so stay tuned!

Running intensive face-to-face programs for researchers has always been our jam, but we are also being called on to find new ways. The last few months have been consumed by rethinking how we can deliver a high-quality TRAM experience and we think you are going to be blown away with what we’ve come up with.

Equally, we’ve been checking in with our alumni teams participating in TRAM Air via Zoom and Slack, and they have all been making exceptional progress on customer engagement and investment attraction. There are a number of incredible announcements expected to follow in the next few weeks, so watch this space!

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